I am Ayeisha Watkins, and to put it short I’m a photographer who can’t help but capture as many images as I can. I am studying Digital Photography at Ravensbourne University in London which is proving to be a challenge but it is nothing that I am not willing to take on and prove that I am able to succeed in.

I am mostly interested in doing Music photography however as the time Is going on I have started to find an interest in Portrait and studio photography which Is really something I never thought I would be doing. However I am open to new things and I am very excited to do more work in this area to see if it is something that I would go into in the future years.

On this blog I am going to be posting mainly about my university work that I am currently doing, however in the next few weeks I am going to be looking at recreating my website on a new platform and making sure that it is professional and up to date for people to see what I have been up to and what I have done in the past.

On the side of each page on this blog you will be able to see a link to my Instagram feed which will update whenever I post, as well as a link to like my Facebook page and twitter feed which will show things that I tweet and give you a chance to follow my accounts and keep more up to date with what I am up to and doing.