Possible Designs

I started looking at what designs I might want to do and how I would arrange my photo book – I started by looking at how many images I would use and if I would leave white space in order to provide more impact on certain photographs compared to others, also looking at doing double page spreads and adding text.

I haven’t really thought of how I am going to design it too much however I want to start looking at it and getting some ideas. I started to look at a way of designing my book so I created a quick cover and a few pages in order to give myself some ideas of what I want to do. Below are two pictures of the book that I made.


I wanted to create a square book because I thought that it would give a more interesting perspective, I think that I am going to follow a pattern when laying out my images and do 1,2,1 on the pages that I am using and then perhaps do a double page spread in the centre of my book with my favourite image that I have taken.

I am still looking at what I am going to do and do not want to decide anything until I start laying out all my images and getting the final set of pictures that I am going to use.


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