Different Book Bindings

During one of out lectures we learnt a load of different ways to bind a book if you were going to create it yourself in order to give it more of a home made feel and design, this was one of my favourite lectures we’ve had as I am really interested in DIY type project and this was so much fun being able to learn new things and have more ways to design my photo book when it comes to the final prints.

We looked at a lot of different ways to bind a book and I wanted to photograph a few of my favourites as these are ones that I am thinking of using for when I finally come to creating my finished book as I would love my design to look handmade and feel more personal to the audience that are going to look at it. I however also want to make a fully printed hard copy of this book so I can see which design works best and decided which one I will be handing in as my submission piece.

I am more fond of the way we did the blue book which was a 5 whole stitch and joining the string together in the centre of the book with a small knot which looked really nice and meant that the outside looked clean and neater than it would with the knot being on the outside.


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