I finally shot my background ready to start creating my comp, I wanted to make sure that I had quite a neutral light when I was shooting so that I would be able to focus more on the cup and the subject sitting within the cup. I asked the manager of the hotel if I could photograph it and he gave me a vocal permission to do so. I went during a slightly cloudy day so I was able to get the lighting that I had in mind and still capture all of the details on the building. Below is the final background image that I have chosen to go with.


I wanted to make my image stand out a bit more so I retouched it and made some adjustments by adding a premed cooling filter which allowed the sky to become more obvious and have a slightly brighter colour, I then adjusted the contrast slightly to bring up more of the detail that is seen on the building and make it really stand out. The image below is my final retouched background.


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