Sketches – Design Ideas

I started looking at how I wanted to lay out my project and the way that I was going to create the image. I had an original idea which was to create a basic image but give it a few different parts. I decided to go with the idea of a ‘afternoon tea’ theme however I am also making sure that it is in a more old fashioned and ‘fancy’ style using an old and beautiful hotel as my background to create impact that this is a ‘rich’ person drinking the coffee. The image below is the first Sketch I did. 


Obviously I Am aware that the advert is for coffee I just was unable to think of another way to explain what my basic idea was for this project. 

I started looking at how I would be able to go about making my idea unique and changing the dramatic side of it. I wanted to make sure that the image I’m creating is eye catching, So I spent some time looking around at different ideas that I could do and managed to find a few lavazza images that have been done in previous year which I wanted to try and use as inspiration for my idea as well as being given some feedback and ideas from our classmates during lesson time in which we evaluated each other ideas and helped to better them. Below is a picture of the new design idea I have. 


I am going to be photographing 3 different shots, the first shot will be my background which I have taken recently, I decided to use a fancy posh hotel called Holme Lacy Hotel in my hometown which is extremely beautiful and would give an amazing look to this project.

The other two shots that I am going to be doing are going to be focusing on the cup which is the main subject to the whole imagery and what I am advertising. After talking in class I wanted to create a three-dimensional design so I am going to be photographing the cup on its side and then photographing a model sitting on a chair wearing a long smart classy looking dress to be composited into the centre of the cup to give the illusion of someone sitting inside a cup drinking their coffee. The model will be drinking a coffee out of a Lavazza cup which I recently found. I am really excited to start and finish shooting the model and the cup to see if my design ideas can become a strong reality and really stand out for what I am wanting to do.

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