Ideas – Mind Maps

I created two mind maps for this project, the first one was to show my first few ideas and gave me a chance to look at each one and see which I would eventually choose to go with. I then chose my idea and went on to make a smaller mind map of what I could photograph using this general based idea. Below are the two mind maps.

I looked at different variations of what I would be able to do for this, I liked the idea of doing a Disney beauty and the beast theme however after looking into it I realised that it would be quite complicated for me to do so I decided to continue looking, which is where I went into the ideas of doing a Victorian theme using old fashioned attire and old Victorian styles china plates. This then bought me onto the idea of a afternoon tea theme as this would be similar to a Victorian kind of style and idea.

After looking at all of my ideas I decided that I wanted to go with the afternoon tea idea as this would be an interesting concept to go with and I am very excited to work on this.

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