Peer Review

I wanted to get some of my peers to evaluate and review my fanzine after I had received the final print, I managed to get both one male and female review which gives me a greater idea of what people think about it and how I could improve the fanzine. I asked each of my peers to write down how they thought the images fitted together and what their overall thought was on the theme of my fanzine. I also wanted them to write down their own opinion on what I could change on my project and how that would improve the quality of the work.

It is clear to see that you have considered the layout throughout the magazine as the photographs have been well places alongside the typography so that they reflect each other. It is also clear to see that a lot of thought has been put in as the pages are varied, from double page spreads to large textual pages that makes the magazine more interesting to view. 

You can see that their is a clear theme throughout which is light photography with multiple styles being carried out throughout but they all complement each other well with the overall theme of long exposure imagery. The variety of the colour really stands out in each piece especially bright neon colours stand out from the dark background and to me they really catch my eye and its really like they pop out from the page. 

Overall I like the magazine I feel that every photography has been well thought out and has been placed in th magazine with each page having a clear theme to it. I feel the colour and the style is the stand out section of the magazine, the light photography really stands out from the page and the typography compliments it to give me a better understanding of the meaning behind the photography. To Improve this maybe limit the amount of different fonts and sizes so that the text looks more uniformed throughout, you could also maybe experiment a bit more with the light photography as the majority are word or quote based photographs. 

Patrick Gray

It is really well laid out and has a nice flow. which has clearly been thought out. I think the black background works particularly well as it creates a good contrast with the lights. There is a variety of image sizes including the double page spreads which makes it more interesting to look at. 

A range of concepts have been covered whilst still sticking to the theme of light trails and slow shutter speeds which is really interesting and keeps a theme. The photographs generally have a clear message and text is used very effectively along side the photography. 

Overall, I really like the magazine and think that primarily focusing on light photography has developed a more unique style to addressing topics like gender, technology and mental health. However reducing the variety of type faces would make the magazine look more professional and flow even better. 

Skye Kember

All the work is consistent and fluent, very well presented and of a high quality. There’s an obvious key theme between each piece so it flows well. The positive message portrayed is inspiring and shows that there’s always a light in the darkness.

Nicole Mann

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