Mind Maps – Initial Ideas

I wanted to start by looking at different ideas of what I could do for this project, I started by making a mind map of ideas, such as workers and different communities such as the LGBT community, I wanted to have a wide range of ideas as to what I could do so creating a mind map was the best way for me to be able to see what options I had and narrow it down to a final idea


I wanted to look at lots of different areas, I am particularly dragged to the idea of looking at drag queens as I feel as though this would be a really interesting and different to what a lot of people are doing, the only issue I feel may be finding the people to take photographs of as I have looked online and have struggled to find any one who specifically says they do drag or find any clubs that do drag. I am going to email a theatre which have drags within the show to see if I could get some point on contact however if this fails I am going to look more at some more of my ideas.

I also like the idea of doing the LGBT community and looking into that perhaps at a pride event or speaking to some of my friends who are within the community as this may be a better path to go along with as I could potentially find a drag queen at a pride event how wouldn’t mind me taking photograph of them, which would be a cool opportunity. I am going to look into each idea with more detail and create some more mind maps as this will give me more of a chance to see which would be more feasible and how I would be able to execute my ideas. I will post about this in another blog post very shortly.


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