Mind Map – Idea Generation

I have started to look at ideas for creating my first ever Photo Book, looking at three ideas to begin with and then going on to finally select what I am going to be basing my Photo Book on. I love creating mind maps to show my ideas in a more visual way, it also gives me more options to look at what I have and see which one I would rather continue with as my final idea.


Within my first mind map (As seen above) I started by looking at a few different ideas, such as looking at people within different communities, such as workers or even going into the ideas of racial communities or different areas of the UK. I also looked at the ideas of doing nature and views as these two would be simplistic but would also be very effective if done correctly and effectively.


I have decided on using Abandonment as my final idea, as I feel as though this is the most interesting idea that I had. Using abandonment as my main focus I am able to look at all different points such as different types of buildings, cars and areas. I am really excited to start this project as I feel as though the images are going to be able to tell a great story to those who view my Photo Book.

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