Title – Ideas

Choosing a title for my magazine has proven to be difficult, as I wasn’t sure of what would be the most eye-catching. I create a notebook page with different titles that I felt would work within the project and I really wanted to keep the idea of using the word ‘Light’ within my title. I have tried different design ideas for my title, I really liked the idea of using a curse word within it to give some humour to my idea but I am not fully sure if I would be able to use this in my work as it may come across as offensive.

I am going to check with my course lectures to see if I am able to use the title I have decided on or not, if I am unable to use this title due to the language then I have decided to use my second favourite title which is ‘LIGHT IT UP’


With my idea being based on long exposure and based on the idea of manipulating light I was certain that I wanted my title to be obvious as to what the audience will be seeing within the context of my magazine.


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