Fanzine – Progress

I have recently been working on the layout that I am going to be using for each page of my fanzine. Below are a few of my pages, which I am going to write about in this blog post.

I have been looking at how I am going to include text within my pages as well as how I am going to layout the images that I have taken. Above is two screenshots that I took during the process, I wanted to look at having my text reading from different sides, starting from left to right and then looking at right to left. Eventually with this page I decided that having it written right to left looked better so this is eventually what I stuck with. I originally added my images on the right page first as I wanted to get an idea of where I would be able to put the text after I had inserted all of the images that I had.

It can often be really difficult to work out what you want to do, having a selection of images can be great but I felt like I needed to add text in order to give context to what I was trying to show through the pictures that I have taken.

I also took some time to think about how I was going to use the background to my advantage, I started off with a white background for my magazine but I realised that as all of my images were incredible dark our to it being light photography which is done within a dark room. I then went on to change the page colour which I think really gives me image a lot more of an impact and I am really happy with how this looks now.

However within my fanzine I have also decided that I wanted to have a few pages that were not including text, I wanted to do this so that I had a page or two with just images, I thought that by doing this it would be more focused on what I have done to create the image, and people can create their own context behind the images themselves.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 03.38.45

I am extremely happy with all the images that I have taken and I am really enjoying creating this magazine and testing different ways that I can layout my images and how I can make it eye catching and interesting. Using lights and long shutter speeds has been really interesting for me to experiment with and I am really enjoying editing my Fanzine to create something that I would be proud to show my work off in.

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