Editing an Image on Photoshop

We have been learning about how to retouch a image to a professional standard using photoshop. Within this blog post I will write about the steps that we took in order to get the final image.

Using a portrait image that we had taken of ourselves we were using the following steps to retouch it and see how professional editors achieve their final images. This process is going to be really helpful when we are looking at editing all of our future images for portfolio work or for submission work.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.49.32

The picture above is my starting image, from this I am going to be retouching and looking at creating a ‘magazine cover’ worthy image. using techniques that we are being taught within lecture.


  1. Process the image from capture 1 to edit on photoshop
  2. Once in photoshop go up to the top bar and select window, then go to workspace and click photography to open the photography focused menu.
  3. Once you have opened this, you need to create groups for the layers, this helps to keep each process in separate areas and helps keep it more organised. (See Screenshots)
  4. Rename the groups to preference, see above screenshot for the titles in which we used.
  5. Within each group add layers and preform adjustments to your images.




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