The Shoot – Overview

I wanted to sit down and write a overview of the Shoot I did for MONO. Within this blog post I wanted to answer the following few questions to give me an idea of how well everything went and also so that next time I come to doing a photoshoot within the studio I know what I can do better and what I would need to change in order for things to not be so stressful or to get a better outcome of the final products.

Questions I will answer;

  1. How did I find the shoot?
  2. What was my favourite part and my least favourite part?
  3. What would I have changed to make this better?
  4. How do I feel after the shoot?
  5. Am I happy with the final product that I have?
  6. Would I do studio photography again?
  7. Finally, Has this Unit helped to change my ideas of what I may be interested in during the next few years?


  1. Overall the shoot was a really fun experience, it was something that I had personally never done before so I was really nervous about doing this type of shoot. The beginning was a bit of a blur to us all as setting up was more of a challenge than we had imagined due to the room having tables everywhere and it took a while to clear a space ready for us to set up, we arrived around half an hour before our slot started but didn’t start shooting until around 9:30 which wasn’t too late but was slightly annoying. Our models that we got were amazing they both arrived on perfect timing and came super prepared for the shoot bringing a mixture of outfits to fit the styles that each of us photographers had chosen, one of our models even bought their own pair of sunglasses which was really great as we had a few pairs go missing during the shoot.
  2. If I had to choose a favourite part it would defiantly be the way that we were able to make the pictures very individual for each of the photographers even though there are only a certain amount of poses that a model can do with a small set up. I really enjoyed trying new styles and asking the model to pose in different ways in order to test different ideas that I had bouncing around in my head throughout the day. So in conclusion my favourite part was the creativity and that we didn’t really have any boundaries on what we were doing. However looking at what my least favourite part of the shoot was would defiantly have to be how it wasn’t very organised to begin with, once we got into doing what we were doing it was fine but during the time that we were setting up it was a bit of a mess as we had some ideas but were not completely aware of how to set up properly, another least favourite part that I had would have been the collection and the booking of the equipment as it became very difficult with it being declined so many times, I think that this put a lot of stress on our group but fortunately this was sorted about 5 days before the shoot was commencing which was incredibly good news.
  3. Looking at what I would have changed to make this shoot better would defiantly be how we set up and look at maybe doing this the night before because it would mean we would be able to get straight on with things and not have to rush around setting everything up. I think that this would have given us a stronger advantage and we could have been a bit more relaxed at the begging of the day. Other than that I am overall pretty happy with the way that the shoot went and I don’t think there is anything else I would have changed during the day, or at least that I can think of now.
  4. Overall feelings after the shoot were pretty relaxed, I am really happy with all the images that I got and I know that I am going to be able to select a good amount – in fact I took a total of 550 images which I then cut to 73 and now have finally managed to cut down and edit to my final 4 images that I will be using for my submitted piece – So to be honest I am really happy and feel very positive about the whole thing, there isn’t a part of me that is stressing. Before doing this shoot I was beginning to panic thinking that what I was going to do would not be good enough or that it would not work but all the ideas and plans I had in my head worked very well and I am incredibly pleased with the results that I achieved.
  5. As mentioned in the previous paragraph I am happy with what I have achieved and I have managed to edit my final 4 images which I will be placing on my blog in a separate post in order to show you what I have finalised as the final images, at the moment there is still another month or so before the due date for the unit so I may relook at the images I have chosen and see if I could create a better final product but for now I am extremely happy.
  6. I never thought that I would be interested in doing studio photography and doing portraits but after this Unit and doing the shoot its self I am very confident that I would like to do this again and may start planning another shoot very soon so that I can get more experience, another thing I am interested in doing after this is assisting photographers in their shoots to get more knowledge on what goes on behind the scenes and learn more about the technical side of photography rather than just the creative side which is where I am based more or less. So to answer this question yes I am defiantly looking at doing studio photography again.
  7. I think that this Unit has defiantly changed my expectations of what I might be doing over the next few years as I have always said that I am only really interested in doing music photography but now I have realised that If I reach outside of my comfort zones then I might be able to find something else that I am interested in which will give me a better portfolio when it goes to leaving university and finding a job. I am really excited to try new areas of photography that I haven’t really looked at as I want to be more knowledgable in all areas rather than just one. So overall I think that this uni has changed my plans and ideas of what I might like to do over the next few years which is kind of cool.

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