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Linda Wisdom is a London born photographer who specialises in social documentary and street photography as well as doing fine art urban cityscapes, these city scales have been featured and exhibited in may galleries from being in the UK to worldwide exhibitions.

I was able to find out that Linda is a self taught, turned semi-professional photographer who has spent time learning the ways of her field by going out and shooting as much as she could. I really like that she is a self taught photographer as it shows that when you have passions about something you are able to go around and teach yourself the skills that you need in order to progress through to what you really want to do. Her work has been featured with the likes of BBC Radio 4 and The Huffington Post.

Linda has her work regularly fattened in leading photography publications such as Amateur Photographer and Digital Camera

Linda manages to split her time between a few different things one of the main things that she does is teach street photography workshops, which I feel like is really important as it will help those who are interested in this topic learn more from someone who does this everyday. I like that she is able to share her knowledge of this field with younger and older people who aspire to do this as either a hobby or as their own full time jobs. As well as doing this she has also recently been appointed as one of the pioneer London experience hosts for Airbnb, where she is taking guests on exclusive London street photo tours and workshops in order to provide more information to those that are really interested in learning about the art and style of street photography.

I also found out that at the British Life Photography Awards Linda won first place in the Street life photography category. She has also been voted best in show at many different galleries and exhibitions including the London Photo Festival and The Print Space.

“I am passionate about photographing people, urban environments and capturing the unexpected beauty and hidden truth in everyday moments” – Linda Wisdom 

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