Editing Process

After shooting our images we needed to select the final ones and use this template (Image below) to create the magazine covers that we are submitting as our final pieces for this unit. This is the original lay out of the template that we needed to use, we were able to move the bottom writing which is the tag line and other text, and could change the colour of the Magazine title and other text but could not move anything that was on the top half of the template.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 04.21.39

Below is a quick look at what I was doing whilst figuring out how the positioning would work and what I would be able to do in order to make this the best looking image. I wanted to use a coloured version of the image first to see where it would place and how it would look with the design and coloured text. I obviously noticed that the black text was not going to work as the model had dark hair and the clothing would look darker when adding a black and white filter to the image. I moved the tag line and other text around the page to find the best positioning for each image until I was happy, this is just an example of how the text can be moved or adjusted in order to fit the images that I have taken. I then went onto change the text to white which made It bolder, I also added a photo filter to the images that I had to make them black and white, slightly adjusting the contrast and brightness of some images to make them more dramatic.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 06.14.22

It took me a while to narrow down the 550 images that I had taken during the day of our shoot, I tend to go over board when doing any shoot and take probably what some would say is too many images but for me its a safety net so I have more to look at and choose from. I took some time to use the features on capture one and narrow it down to 73 photos that I had rated as 5 Stars, I then went through these images and started from scratch with the ratings, I got it down to around 12/13 5 star images which obviously I again needed to cut down. It took some time to do this but I eventually decided to look at which ones would work best around the text that was on the screen and how I would be able to fit them into the template. This way of looking at the images made it a lot more interesting and easier to cut down the pictures to the final 4 images that I had chosen, which you will be able to view in a later blog post where I am going to upload the final products with the template on them as well.

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