Lighting / Style – The Shoot

I wanted to make sure that I stuck with a some what alternative style for my shoot, so I looked around and borrowed a checkered shirt of my friend for one of my poses with a white back drop, I loved the way it looked on the model as it really did have an alternative style to it which was the initial aim. For quite a few of my shots the models wore the clothes that they had bought which them but for me both the models wore what I would class as alternative clothing and I am really happy with what I got out of the shoot in the end.

Below are two pictures of the lighting set ups that we used, in the next paragraph I am going to write about why I used these and what the aim was whilst using these lighting set ups.


The first lighting set up that I wanted to use was to create a simple shadow but have the majority of the model within the light so that there were no intense shadows on the models face or body but a light shadow behind the subject. In this image there are two lights being used. The first one was more set to the side, and used a larger square soft box in order to create the shadowing behind the subject, this was the key light that I was using. The other light was a smaller soft box in order to stop shadow appearing on the subjects face that was not in the direct light. I am fairly new to studio photography so I wanted to try something that was simple to begin with using both a Black and white back drop to see which one would produce the best images for the desired style and ideas that I wanted to have for my final MONO designs. IMG_1233

After doing the first lighting style we wanted to try something different as a group and create some split lighting effects, to do this we moved the key light to the side and turned off the other smaller light in order to create a split lighting that would only have an effect one half of the subjects body/face. I was really impressed with this style as it made the images really dramatic and gave me the kind of images that I had in mind when planning the shoot that I was going to be doing.

I am going to be writing another blog post about the images that I have taken and the process that I am going to be going through in order to cut the images down to the final 4 that I want to use as my submitted work.


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