Bruce Gilden

Website – 

Bruce Gilden is a street photographer based in New York however has travelled to many places over the years such as Haiti, France, Japan and The UK to produce long and detailed photographic projects.

Originally Bruce was not interested in photography and began studying Sociology at Penn Sate University but eventually left as he realised that the courses were too boring for him, In 1967 Bruce toyed with the idea of becoming a actor but instead chose to purchase his first camera and become a photographer. He since then has been a self taught photographer however he did attended some short evening classes at the school of visual arts in New York.

Bruces style is capturing peoples faces with flash and most of his images are produced in black and white, The images are rarely thought out and he goes with it, In a video that he put on his website he talks more about his style and you get to see him taking some pictures which gives you more of an insight into what he does to capture the images and the reactions that people have when a flash goes of in their face, most are startled but rarely say anything.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 03.30.02.png

Below are a few examples of some of his work –


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