Tony Ray-Jones

Tony Ray-Jones is another British born photographer however he took a different approach to his life to begin with and moved to New York in order to study graphic design which is a bit different to photography but could still cause someone to have an interest in the world of photography.

During his studying in New York he was slowly but definitely drawn away from the idea of graphic design and was lured away from it by the calls of sirens on the streets and the busier life outside of the graphic design world. He would write notes in his notebook during his students that were sort of tips on how to be more involved with the life on the streets, some of the notes included:

“Be more involved” “Stay with the subject” “Talk to people” “Be more aggressive” 

These notes were certain tips that he was giving himself in order to go on with the ideas of becoming a street photographer, and how he would be able to get the best photos he could whilst going out onto the New York streets.

In 1965 Tony returned to Britain to see how the tricks and lessons he had learned throughout his time in America could be applied here in the UK to the streets and areas around the UK that would genuinely provide him with the best photographs possible.

Tony wanted to look for unguarded subjects and the spontaneous situations that he was going to be able to capture with the eye of his camera, he needed to find a place where he would be able to capture people at their most relaxed points. He decided that the beach was the best place to go in order to capture the spontaneous on goings that happen during times that people are at the beach.

It is said that Ray-Jones turned the beach into a psychiatrists couch (In theory) which showed the nation baring its goal and reclining into relaxation. By using the beach instead of a street he was able to capture so many stories and lives within his photographs, this went from family dramas, dreams of love and displays of eccentricity as well as the damp disappointment of everyday lives.

It is said that the beach is where he felt like he could really capture the most realistic ideas of the real world and with his New York eye he was able to see and capture all the moments that most people would not be able to.

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