During the planning of MONO myself and Elle (my partner for the photo shoot) had a few problems with finding models and also booking the equipment from the CLR. Eventually we got it all sorted but within this post I want to write about what happened and why it became so difficult.

First of all we had a lot of issues with finding an agency in which we would be able to use models from without a cost. I contacted an agency which led to them responding and asking to see some of my work, unfortunately the only work I had done with portrait photography was a test shoot I did for MONO, so unfortunately this agency replied that they were looking for more professional photographers, which I understand was fair enough. I then contacted Elle and asked if she had any luck with finding models which she had not until a few days later when BAME replied and offered us a few models to choose from, between the both of us we worked together to selected 3 models but only two of the ones that we chose were available, so therefore we went with this and have managed to successfully get some models for our shoot. Which to us was really good news as we had started to become panicked about it.


We also had a lot of issues with the university’s CLR as they declined our risk assessment for the lights that we needed, They actually declined this twice which again caused a lot of stress to us as we needed the lighting in order to continue with the shoot, we had back up options but they were not 100% certain so this was another huge thing. I am so glad that we eventually got this sorted however and have managed to book lighting for our shoots, Both of us have decided to use our own cameras and lenses, I am going to be using my Canon 700D and using a 50mm or a KIT lens of 18-55mm depending on which pose or style I am wanting to go with.




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