InDesign test Layout

Testing out InDesign has been really fun, I wanted to make a short blog post about  other the MONO Layout and the Fanzine layout. With MONO we were given a template of the magazine cover to use so that was reasonably easy to understand, however looking at it and moving some of the writing was fun as you could understand what you are going to be wanting to do with the final design. Before changing my Fanzine Idea I had some fun with the software and looked at possible layouts I could have used for my type of magazine following the style of a other similar topic magazines. Below this small bit of writing are two screenshots that I took of my designing and the ideas that I had for these two projects.

Within the next few weeks I am going to be looking for a print shop so I am able to get a shatterproof done of my images Getting this will enable me to have a better understanding of if my images are two dark or two bright and how I could fix them before getting the whole magazine printed.



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