Greenwich – Street Photography

On Thursday 18th of January we went to Greenwich Cutty Sark to take photographs, This was giving us a chance to see if we could get good photographs in a short amount of time, it was also a practice task for us as on Friday 26th we will be adventuring to Central London to take pictures that follow a theme, which I will write a blog post about afterwards.

For this shoot we were restricted to having a 50mm lens which meant that we were not able to zoom. this is something I have not tried before so it was really interesting to do and gave me a real insight into how to posting yourself to get the right shot. We were also using a preset focal length which we decided on just before we started doing the shoot, this again was fun to play around with as you had to make sure you were the right distance away to get the subject in focus.

I took quite a few pictures during this hour that we had around the area of Greenwich, however I was not happy with them all and in total only liked two of the images our of around 90 that I took. In the next two paragraphs I am going to talk about the two pictures that I took and say what I like about them and what I would have changed if I could have changed anything.

Street photography

The picture above was taken within the Greenwich Market, at this point this man was making some wraps for customers, I really like that this picture shows the person at work and not just stood doing nothing, I think that it also shows the concentration that goes into working on a market and producing the best products that you can to make a name for your business. I think that If I was going to take this picture again I would try to move closer to the subject to remove some of the busy background that can be quite distracting, as well as some of the foreground which has a half of a wrap from the testers left there.

The photograph below is my favourite of all that I took on that day. I am completely in love with the image and I feel like it could tell a lot of different stories depending on how you look at it. I walked past a little pub and saw this elderly lady sitting on her own filling out a crossword puzzle. I wanted to capture the moment but couldn’t find the right angle to begin with. Shooting through a window can be very difficult due to the reflection that you get. I Think that If I was going to change anything about how I took this picture I would of tried to get a better angle and make sure the reflection was a little bit less distracting as I feel like with this image it can be.

Street photogrpahy

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