Sketches – Visual Ideas

I wanted to do some rough sketches of the ideas that were in my head before I went on to attempt these photographs with the actual lights and objects. I have used different colours as a representation of where the light would be filling it up, the first sketch I did was of a wine glass, I want to get a shot of it being up right with the light being poured into the glass (like wine) and then I also decided that having an image where the glass was on its side would give the effect that it had been dropped in either a drunken state or perhaps a panicked state, with the light spilling out of the glass, I will also create some kind of splash representation with the light so it looks more like it has been dropped not on its side.

The other sketch that I did on this page has lots of different crop ideas for the shot of the same thing. This one is of a human with light circling around them, this would hopefully just create a figure with light and you wouldn’t be able to see the person too much behind the light.however I know this one is going to take a lot more time as it is a very difficult picture to get right on the first go. I wanted to draw a few crop boxes around the sketch of this stickman to give myself an idea of what I am going to be aiming do to during the shoot itself.


On the next image I used purple as my light source indicator so that it was easier to define which bit would have light compared to the area I am going to try and keep still and focused with a small amount of light added to the room I am shooting in so it is not completely blacked out. On this page I did 4 small sketch ideas these were only quick sketches so they are not perfect but they give a rough indication of what I am going to be attempting to do.

With the lightbulb I want to focus on the inside of the bulb as this is where the light would usually be produced from when it is connected and turned on. I think that this would give it a cool rustic effect as it would look different to the everyday way we normally see a bulb. I also did another section on this design which was using the light the whole way around the bulb but I’m not sure if this would work or if it would completely loose the bulb in the darkness of the image as the laser LED would over power the natural light source.

Secondly I looked at how I would be able to use light around a Umbrella, again I looked at the same idea of circling this object with the light but I am worried about it vanishing and not looking right. So I looked at a different way I could use light and this was to have the light acting as if it was rain pouring on top of the umbrella and bouncing off and falling to the sides and down by the handle area of the object.

The final one I want to write about from this selection is the phone one as I feel like this Is going to be one of the most difficult but the most fun ones to do, I want to use the phone and lighting from the phone to show how disconnected we can be from the world and how being on them all the time can lead us to need help but never ask for it, hence why I want the word ‘HELP’ to be on It and visible, whilst still creating a slight blur with the long shutter speed and movement. I feel like this image could cause a huge impact and I want to try represent It with multiple electronic devices, from games consoles, to TV to Phones.


The final sketch that I did was of a small idea I actually got from online which I wanted to try out myself, Writing the words and numbers for DAY 365 and DAY 1… to represent heading into the new year and leaving the old one behind, I feel like this would be really fun to create so I wanted to have a go at it and see what I could come up with and hopefully I manage to create something that I am happy with and can put within my fanzine.


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