MONO – Practice Shoot

Before our MONO shoot on the 24th of January I wanted to take some time to look at a few different poses that I would be able to get the model to do, either sitting or standing. I asked my friend, Euan, to help me out, as he has two small soft boxes that we were able to use so therefore I was able to test the lighting ideas that I had already thought about. I wanted to take as many pictures as I could so that I had more of a chance to change the distance and the poses, I ended up coming out of the shoot with these 4 images which I was really happy with the only Issue that I had with these images was that they are slightly out of focus which is rather annoying but as this was only a test shoot this is something that I am able to live with and it means that I need to ensure I concentrate more during the actual shoot.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 03.42.19I wanted to try using an ‘Alternative’ look as this is how my friend usual dresses anyway, therefore I thought that it would show more of a personality through the images. I feel as though the checkered shirt worked well for this shoot as it gave a small print but didn’t have writing on which would then make the image more busy and distracting, I am happy that I choose to use dark clothing such as black jeans and a black plain t-shirt underneath the checkered.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 03.54.56

I got a chance to use the InDesign template that we were given and it enabled me to change the colour’s of the writing/text and move the positioning of some of the text. For example I wanted to more the ‘Shady Deals’ and ‘Glasses define the look’ into different places in order to fit the image and not have as much negative space surrounding the subject. If I was to do some more practice shoots again I would look at doing some closer portraits as I feel like this would enable me to fill more of the negative space, however In some images the negative area really works as it is where the text fits and it also makes it easier to read the text as it stands out more.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 03.55.13

I liked the idea of using a beanie in some of the images to give more of a personal style to the subject that I was using. I think that personally I like the images with the beanie as the hair is not as wild and distracting. However In the images without the beanie I can see a lot more attitude and I feel like you are able to see the sunglasses a little bit more, which is the main aim of this assignment as we are promoting sunglasses.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 04.02.05

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