MindMap – Idea Change

After deciding to change my idea I decided that it would be best for me to create a mind map so that I had a more steady idea of what exactly it was that I wanted to try take pictures of and it would also help me to create the first draft of my flat plan for this project. I am really happy with how many ideas I managed to get down on paper and I have figured out how to do a lot of these and where in my fanzine these will lay two create the best layout.

I wanted to write ideas for so many different things so that I had a range of things to test and shoot, for example I feel that the idea of shooting people and having it as a blurred and out of focus portrait would be really cool and could have a huge story hidden behind it. Another idea from my ‘People’ section of this mind map was to create a outline of a person using light, but trying to not get the actual person in the shot, this would need a really long shutter speed in order to do this but I feel as though with some practice it could work really well and be really effective.

Whilst I was thinking about this I originally didn’t think about doing anything with technology but after a while I thought that this could be really interesting as the screens of our laptops or phones are really bright which could create a cool effect whilst moving with a long shutter speed, for a shot like that I wouldn’t use one thats too long I would probably only have my shutter speed on around 0.5 second as I would like the phone screen or laptop screen to be in focus as much as possible to be able to capture the story behind it.

Object and Other are kind of linked together however I ran out of space on the other side so I made another section, I feel like this was a very broad area as it could literally be everything but I tried not to overlay any of the subsections. I feel like this is going to be a really fun section to work with as it includes things such as win glasses, chairs and light bulbs which are every day house hold items that we are able to turn into art just by looking at them in a different way. I am really looking forwards to shooting more of this style as It will be fun to experiment with and I feel like this will give me an opportunity to learn more about my camera settings.

In the below two images are my mind map and my original page of notes, which I literally jotted down everything that came to my mind within the space of about an hour which I then transferred into my final mind map. I also am writing a blog post about some sketches I have done for examples of how I want to frame the images and what I have going on in my head as the main ideas for this.


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