Fanzine – Update

Over the last few weeks I have been having a few issues with my Fanzine. My original idea was to do a whole magazine based purely on Music photography and capture a lot of different artists through my images, However with just two months left to complete this project I have been finding it increasingly difficult to find artists or bands that would allow me to attend their show to take pictures, as most already have their own photographers and do not wish for you to go as well.

Due to this I have decided to change my Fanzine idea and go to my backup plan which I have also been working on in my own time as it is something that also interested me. I have decided to base my magazine on the manipulation of light when using a slower shutter speed, I feel like this is a really cool aspect to look at as you are able to use the light painting technique with so many different subjects, which can create cool and abstract images which is something that attracts me to this style of photography.

I have been working on this idea as an extra project, taking my fairy lights and LED laser lights outside with me to different locations, I have also been using other product that produce coloured light to see what cool effects I can achieve with this. Below are a few of the images that I have taken, these are rough ideas and I have improved these images in order to create a better product for my fanzine.




I think that these images are quite interesting as it shows that even with slight movement you are able to manipulate the light in whichever way you wish, which can cause a very interesting effect. I am really looking forward to putting this Fanzine together and seeing the final printed images, I want to look for quotes or write a small amount about each collection of images I create as I would like to give the viewers a small amount of context behind the collection since images like this can sometimes be confusing and look as though they mean nothing.




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