Street Photography

Street Photography is something that I have never personally thought about going into myself. I want to really look into this style of photography to give myself a stronger idea of what it really means to be a street photographer.

Street photography is all about taking a picture of someone in the most natural way possible, using natural lighting and not moving the subject but moving yourself to get the shot you envisioned. It can be really difficult and you need to be really confident in what you are doing as It can require a lot of patience in order to find the best shots. Street photography in the short is using the area you are in to create stories, seeing things that you would not expect to see and capturing that in a photograph, there are many different ways of doing street photography and it is all about the personal approach.

I am really enjoying the lessons that we are having that are on street photography as we are being pushed outside of our comfort zones and doing things that we wouldn’t normally feel comfortable with. During our session time we are going out on location and putting our photography skills to the test by trying our best to capture moments that are going on around us without the person realising we are taking the picture of them.

Within a few of my blog posts I am going to be researching different street photographers and location photographers who I have found whilst looking at this field of work and writing about them in order to gain a further understanding of what they do and how they manage to get the images that they finally show to the world.

Photographers I will research –

  • Bruce Gilden
  • Linda Wisdom
  • Tom Ray-Jones
  • Mary Ellen Mark
  • Joel Meyerowitz

There will be more than this that I want to look at and end up writing about but for the time being I am going to be looking at mainly these 5 as a kind of starting point in order to give myself some background on how different photographers whoa re in the same field work.


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