North Greenwich – O2

Today was our first lesson of Location/Street Photography and straight away we were thrown straight into the deep end which I really liked and were tasked with asking people if we were able to take a portrait of them. We were doing this around the North Greenwich station area which meant there was a flow of people all the time so we were able to get different variations of photographs.

The task that we were given was to take a picture of a student, a picture of someone without them knowing and a picture where we asked someone if we could take a picture of them as a portrait. It was a very difficult challenge as I have never done this before but I really enjoyed it. On this post I have attached the images that I took on this day, I am overall happy with these pictures.

My favourite image is the first one that is shown on this post, the picture of this young girl was an accidental picture but I really like it and think that it shows the true character of the child, I spoke to the mother as she asked for directions somewhere so I jumped at the chance afterwards to ask if I could take a picture of her little girl as she was so sweet and I hoped it would make a good picture which luckily it did.

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