Sleeptalking (Band) – Press Pass

On Thursday 30th of november I was given the opportunity to have a Photo/Press Pass for a small band called Sleeptalking. I was very lucky to have this chance and I am very grateful to the band for letting me come and take pictures for them and also to include within my Fanzine. I was able to get this chance simply by messaging their Facebook page and asking if It was possible to my luck they almost straight away said they would be able to sort something out for me. I think that by offering them some promotion through the fanzine and through my social media also really gave me an edge in order to get this chance.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 15.31.05.png

I found this experience really helpful as I was able to test out different camera settings in order to see what best worked with the lighting and for the images I was trying to capture. I think that after attending this I have honestly realised that there is a lot more to just taking photos at a concert as you need to be very prepared. I am really glad I got this chance to better myself and the skills that I already have so I can eventually become better at what I love doing. I do have a few images which I am really happy about – I will place these on the Bottom of this page for you to browse through.






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