Flat Plan – Fanzine

This week I’ve been taking some time to look through some of the images that I have and looking at other shoots I am going to be going on very shortly in order to start designing my Fanzine Flat Plan. I want my fanzine to be based on different musicians and artists that I have had the chance to see and capture through the eyes of my camera. So far I have started with a simple and not very detailed design of where I would imagine around 10 of the pages fitting in, Labelling each with what is going to go on the pages and a small idea of the layout of the writing or images that I will be using.

The first Image on this post is the initial design idea for a flat plan that we were shown to do during a talk at university – This was also whilst we learnt the basics of a flat plan and how to use InDesign. I like the idea of doing a digital flat plan however I would much rather start with a simple drawn out version which I can understand and change when needing to – Perhaps if something goes wrong or I think that I need to rearrange what I originally thought about doing.


The second Image which is the one below this small paragraph is the beginning of my own flat plan for my Fanzine. As you can see there is currently not much on there as I am going to need to attend more events and shows in order to fill up the spaces. However I already have conducted some interviews with the bands/artists that are on these pages so that my magazine can have some content other than just images. I think that this will really draw more attention to it. Over the next few weeks I am going to be contacting different venues and artists In order to get more articles and photographs to include within my magazine. As you can see almost all the design Ideas I have had so far are for double page spreads which I think is what I am going to continue throughout my Fanzine as I do want to be able to add articles and I feel as though placing one artist/band over two pages allows me to include some writing and I am then also able to spread the visual elements around so they are not all group in one small corner or space on a singular spread.


I realised after doing this Flatplan that I had organised it incorrectly and actually made a 26 page flat plan with the front cover not being the 1st page. I am currently working on a redesigned version of this and changing the layout ever so slightly as I would like to include a contents page and also have a section about different merchandise and the way that people wear their band merchandise. (I think that this would give a different area to my Fanzine and would really help it stand out more).

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 16.03.37.png

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