Wim Wenders – Polaroids

I myself am often fascinated by polaroids and the stories that they can tell you. At the photographers gallery there is currently an exhibition on Wim Wenders who is a Filmmakers however he has captured many images whilst on and off location during his time creating his films. This exhibition is a chance to see rare and unseen images, and enables us to see an insight into his thought processes and how he gets some of his aesthetic ideas for his film making.

He has done other photographer work which is more well known so this is a great opportunity to see another style that he has done. The majority of these images were taking during the late 70’s and mid 80’s which I think is pretty cool as it also gives us younger photographers a chance to see what the style was back in the 80’s and see how people got more of their ideas. In a post that I found on the photographers gallery about this show it mentioned that he started using the Polaroid images as a some what visual notebook whilst he was learning his craft of film making.

‘A way of testing out frames and ideas’ 


Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 10.46.06.png


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