Tate Modern

On Friday 27th we went on a group trip to Tate Modern where we had the chance to look at different expeditions that stood out to us and gave us some inspiration. There was one room on floor 4 which really stood out to me as It was very different to other art that was on display. The first piece that stood out to me was the image below, I took this picture of it to show the colours and design. The piece is called ‘Violins Violence Silence’ and is by Bruce Nauman. The reason that this stood out to me was because it was so bright and colourful, I loved the way that the colours worked together but were not too bright that you couldn’t read what it says. I think the design of this piece is very unique as it is formed in a triangle and some words are backwards or upside down.


There was another smaller room sectioned off from this area which also interested me, the main theme I found around this area was towards mental health and capturing the subject within a painting of a piece. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of the person who created the majority of this work so am unable to write about who they were. I Liked this work because it shows how mental health is something dark, the images below are two of the pieces that I took pictures of to give you some ideas of what I am talking about and to perhaps manage to research and find out who the artist was.


I loved the below image most as I feel like this really pulls a heart string of how damaging and destroying mental health can be. I would love to be able to take the ideas of overlapping words and images to create something that can make people think. I think that this has given me the most inspiration as I feel like focusing on a topic like this which is rather sensitive and then creating something with multiple overlapped images would be more of a impact then just talking about the subject as it can give a visual representation of how someones ‘mind’ is working.


Overall I feel like the trip to Tate Modern really provided me with more knowledge and information about how something you create can have a moving and powerful impact on the audience that you are showing it to. I really enjoyed this trip as it gave me a major opportunity to look at other artists and see how I can take what they do and put it towards my own ideas and work.

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