Nadia Ryder – Alumni

On Friday 20th October we had a ravensboure Alumni come in and talk to us about what she has gone on to do since leaving. I wanted to write a short post about a few of the key points that I picked up from her talk with our group.

Seeing what Nadia had gone on to do really proved to me that no matter what style of photography you are into there are ways to get into everything. The first thing that I want to write about is Internships and assisting as she mentioned that this was one of the most important things that she did and it really made her open her eyes to the world that she was entering. She informed us that going to photographers and helping them on shoots (assisting) where needed. It is very important as it allows you to learn new information and keep gaining skills. This is the same with internships however someone who does an internship may be able to work closer with the photographer than an assistant. I think that over the next year I will defiantly try to find a photographer who I can work with in order to gain more skills and build up my knowledge as a photographer.

Another point that she made was about our websites and how we should design them in our style. so for example her style is fashion photography so on her website she has only fashion images from clients she has worked with. She has done other work that is commercial work such as a shoot that she did for macdonalds a very long time ago. However now that she has decided what she is primarily interest in she has designed her   website to focus on the fashion elements she is interested in. She mentioned to us that this is really important as a client wants to see what you focus on and by having everything on one area it will make you look more professional and that will generally help when you are looking for client work.

The Final point that I picked up from the talk was about having a physical ‘book’ which is a portfolio of all of your recent work, She mentioned that you should only put your strongest work in this and start with the strongest picture you have at the front and end with one that is of a similar high standard of the first photograph you placed in your book. Having a physical book can help you out a lot as you are then not just relying on a online copy which sometimes does not showcase all of your work as well as you would hope. Having this copy can also be great for interviews as you are able to straight away bring it and show them what you are capable of doing.

Overall it was really useful having Nadia come in for a talk with us as it gave us an opportunity to see that there are lots of options after we finish our course and that there are ways of finding work doing the things that you love the most. It was very inspirational. I have linked Nadia’s website below so that people are able to have a look at her work and see what she does within the industry.

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