AOP Awards – Kelvin Murray

I was interested by a series of images when we first arrived at the AOP Awards, This series was called Sand Bank and was by a photographer called Kelvin Murray. I adored how simplistic all of these images were but also how capturing they were. Something about the sea (or just water) is interesting as it can be captured in so many ways, for example looking incredibly peaceful or it can look like an explosion and look crazy. sandbank_2_men.jpg

Another reason I was so interested in this photograph is because it was very different to most of the other photos that were being displayed. I thought that it really showed how one place can calm down any feelings you have and make you feel a lot more positive about your surroundings. Looking at this image I automatically feel more peaceful, I feel like this could be how many more people feel or maybe I am just an odd human being!

I like the positioning of this photograph I feel as though the ‘Rule of thirds’ has been used within this and it has therefore made the image more powerful. for such a simplistic image I feel that using the rule of thirds has honestly given it more of a interesting look and it is standing out more amongst the other images. I love that the series is capturing different family situations for example the image above looks like two men having a chat, I also love that we don’t know what they’re talking about which can give you some more imagination leeway and you are able to imagine what they might be thinking or doing on the beach when the weather doesn’t look that hot.


It has always interest me to see what photographers can do with a simple image to make it really stand out, I honestly think that this collection stood out to me because I really didn’t understand it to begin with until I decided to look at it some more and realise that each image looked as if it was showing a different family’s story. If I was to analyse each image I would probably be completely off what the photographer was actually trying to show but this is why I love photography so much because no matter what the photographer may think they are showing in their image someone else will find another story line depending on how they interpret the photo.


I wanted to take some screenshots of the blog post that Kelvin wrote and this (below) was the main thing that stood out as soon as I went onto his website and saw his post about winning.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 15.55.28.png

I think it stood out because he was proud of himself, I believe that he was proud because he probably doubted himself like most people do now-a-days when they are trying to achieve their goals whilst doing something they love. I also love that he has written that he is proud that the work that won is the work that actually really reflects what he is capable of doing and shows that if you put enough time and effort into following what you want to do as a career you will eventually be able to achieve the highest dreams and get to the point in which you have been reaching for this whole time.





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