Sam Barnes

I wanted to start by looking at lots of different types and styles of photographers in order to find some inspiration into what I might be interested in going into during the near future. Being able to explore a wide range of photographers has led me to become interested in a few different ‘worlds’ within this job role. I came across Sam Barnes because I was interested in looking into food photography, This is one of the styles that I would enjoy looking at because there are so many different aspects you can look into and make it look more unique and different.


Whilst looking at his work I saw that he does not just focus on food photography but does a wide range of other aspects as well. However one of my favourite photo’s that he has done is the image shown above of the strawberries with the coloured smoke making the strawberries look more interesting and detailed. I would love to be able to do a photography like this, it would take a lot of planning however I am willing to try my best to produce a replicate or a image that resembles some of the main characteristics and Ideas that are shown within this image.


Another image of his that particularly caught my eye was the one shown above, of the lemon hitting the water and creating a splash, I think that this gives the image a bit more of an aesthetic appeal rather than just capturing the lemon alone. Adding this splash effect draws the views attention to the smaller and finer details. I love that there is a reflection of the product at the top of the image and that the fact that the water line at the top is being shown.

Looking at Professional photographers work really inspires me to look at how I am able to better myself and produce photos that are to a higher standard that I am currently producing. It can often be difficult to find what you are interested in, so having the ability to look at different styles that other people within this community is a real eye opener as to where I want to be in the next few years.

I looked at Sam Barnes’ Website which showed some of the different areas that Sam works within, I was particularly drawn to his still life section on the website which has a large variety – for example there are images of shoes, clothing, flowers, padlocks and fruit. I spotted one image which is probably my favourite one on this section.


The image above is the one that I found particularly interesting on Sam’s Website, I love how he has captured the key and the lock in one image. I am also interested by how he has managed to create a some what ombre background which really makes the string holding the key stand out more, I feel like this makes the image more powerful as if there is someone or something holding the key back and stopping you from using it.

There was another image within the subsection that also caught me eye as again it creates a more powerful and interesting view to the picture captured. I have added the picture below this paragraph. The way that the red rose has been put on a red background with the water style underneath is creating a very beautiful and attractive image for whoever views it. Using a red background makes the colour of the rose stand out a lot more and also makes it look more detailed. The way that the rose has been slightly angled towards the camera to produce shadows and give some depth within the image is very clever. Stilllife_051.jpg





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