I found this previous lavazza advert that I liked and thought that it went well with my idea of a ‘post and fancy’ look. I liked the idea of people wearing long flowing dresses and making the model look very posh with a large hotel/building behind that is quite old fashioned so this is where I got most of my ideas from.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 16.01.32Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 16.01.50

Editing my Images

Editing my images was really difficult. I wanted to keep as many of them as I could but I knew I would have to shorten it down to less than 30 images in order to keep my book interesting and keep people attracted to it. Below you will be able to see all the images I started with and what I was left with when I finished editing them. I have recently changed a few of my images as they did not fit with the theme that I eventually decided to go with which was ‘Herefordshire Abandonment’ looking at places only within this area instead of all over the UK/World.


Final Idea

For my final idea for portraits I decided that I would create portraits of dancers, I wanted to look into different types of dance, however I also wanted to keep the idea that someone who dances may have their whole life revolving around dance. I asked my sister if she would be willing to model for me as she does 8 different types of dance and she does lessons 7 days a week with almost no break between working, college and dance lessons and has achieved high grades.

Below is my mind map explaining different places I could go for the shoots and what lighting I might feel like using. I am really excited to shoot this and see how it goes. I am going to be doing most of the shoot around my house and garden to portray the idea of ‘everyday life’ as sometimes ill catch her practicing around the house and not really caring about anything but the routine she is doing.


Final Design

I worked on my final design for a long time, I decided that I wanted to make it super simplistic, I am really happy with the final lay out of my book as it is eye catching and shows more details on the images by having a simple text and the images place on a square page really gives it more impact. I really loved the idea of having a square book as it is often not seen but also looks really good and neat. I honestly really enjoyed creating this and using indesign again to give me more experience with this software.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 14.36.51Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 14.36.38

Portrait and Cup

I have shot my portrait that I am going to be using for My Digital Darkroom and I have managed to finally shoot my cup as this is the main focus of my image. However unfortunately I have been stupid enough to shoot the portrait in JPEG format instead of in RAW as I received a new camera from insurance and forgot to change the settings to RAW before shooting and only realised when I looked through the images. I did however change the settings in preparation for when I was going to be shooting my cup so this image is in a RAW format.

Below are the two final images that I am going to be using for my advert. Overall I am happy with these two images and I think that I am going to be able to use them well within my composite.


Possible Designs

I started looking at what designs I might want to do and how I would arrange my photo book – I started by looking at how many images I would use and if I would leave white space in order to provide more impact on certain photographs compared to others, also looking at doing double page spreads and adding text.

I haven’t really thought of how I am going to design it too much however I want to start looking at it and getting some ideas. I started to look at a way of designing my book so I created a quick cover and a few pages in order to give myself some ideas of what I want to do. Below are two pictures of the book that I made.


I wanted to create a square book because I thought that it would give a more interesting perspective, I think that I am going to follow a pattern when laying out my images and do 1,2,1 on the pages that I am using and then perhaps do a double page spread in the centre of my book with my favourite image that I have taken.

I am still looking at what I am going to do and do not want to decide anything until I start laying out all my images and getting the final set of pictures that I am going to use.


Different Book Bindings

During one of out lectures we learnt a load of different ways to bind a book if you were going to create it yourself in order to give it more of a home made feel and design, this was one of my favourite lectures we’ve had as I am really interested in DIY type project and this was so much fun being able to learn new things and have more ways to design my photo book when it comes to the final prints.

We looked at a lot of different ways to bind a book and I wanted to photograph a few of my favourites as these are ones that I am thinking of using for when I finally come to creating my finished book as I would love my design to look handmade and feel more personal to the audience that are going to look at it. I however also want to make a fully printed hard copy of this book so I can see which design works best and decided which one I will be handing in as my submission piece.

I am more fond of the way we did the blue book which was a 5 whole stitch and joining the string together in the centre of the book with a small knot which looked really nice and meant that the outside looked clean and neater than it would with the knot being on the outside.



I finally shot my background ready to start creating my comp, I wanted to make sure that I had quite a neutral light when I was shooting so that I would be able to focus more on the cup and the subject sitting within the cup. I asked the manager of the hotel if I could photograph it and he gave me a vocal permission to do so. I went during a slightly cloudy day so I was able to get the lighting that I had in mind and still capture all of the details on the building. Below is the final background image that I have chosen to go with.


I wanted to make my image stand out a bit more so I retouched it and made some adjustments by adding a premed cooling filter which allowed the sky to become more obvious and have a slightly brighter colour, I then adjusted the contrast slightly to bring up more of the detail that is seen on the building and make it really stand out. The image below is my final retouched background.